The 4th Samsung Software Developer
Community Meetup


  • Track 1 Welcome speech Soohong ParkHead of Samsung Research open source group

    As Head of Open Source Group of Samsung Research, Soohong Park is in charge of the open source of the major software technologies of Samsung Electronics including IoT, Web, AI and 5G/6G. Also, he is leading the Technology Community pursuing open cooperation with the developers and technology organizations other than Samsung and the Open Tech Secretariat newly established for Developer Relations. He is making efforts for innovation of a new development culture by changing the working method in our organization and communicating with developers in the age of DX (Developer eXperience).

    Soohong ParkHead of Samsung Research open source group
  • Track 1 Meet-up of Samsung SW Developer Community and Community Union Seokjin ChangSamsung Research

    Being in charge of DevRel in the Open Tech Secretariat of Samsung Research. Very much interested in domestic and overseas communities. Planning and operating Samsung SW Developer Community.

    Seokjin ChangSamsung Research
  • Track 1 Geometric methods for machine learning Yonghyeon LeeAI Robotics KR

    Developing AI algorithm in the Robot Automation Laboratory of Seoul National University. In particular, developing algorithm using geometric methodology.

    Yonghyeon LeeAI Robotics KR
  • Track 1 The charm of Self-supervised Vision Learning Hwijun LeeAI Robotics KR

    Studying self-supervised learning and network lightening in the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of Seoul National University.

    Hwijun LeeAI Robotics KR
  • Track 1 The story of a computer engineering student entering Web3 ecosystem Seungmi KimWomen Who Code Seoul

    Seungmi Kim is in my last semester in the Department of Computer Engineering. She have been immersed in Blockchain since 2021, and currently She is enlarging my experience by participating in academic activities, related projects, etc.

    Seungmi KimWomen Who Code Seoul
  • Track 1 From a Language & Literature Student to a Business Technologist Younjung KangWomen Who Code Seoul

    Working as a Business Technologist at Langcode, a start-up company accelerating business innovation with interactive AI. Contributing to invigorating the IT community as an operator of Women Who Code Seoul and Ambassador of Global Women Tech Makers Ambassador.

    Younjung KangWomen Who Code Seoul
  • Track 2 Introduction of AI Robotics KR Seunghyun LimAI Robotics KR

    Studying the driving algorithm of biomimetic robot and mobile robot in the BRM Laboratory of DGIST. Very much interested in developing mobile robot, autonomous driving by a robot, grafting AI onto a robot, etc.

    Seunghyun LimAI Robotics KR
  • Track 2 The robots we want, and the technologies we need Soo Young KimAI Robotics KR

    Representative Director – Load Balance, Korea ROS Community - Administer, AI Robotics Korea - Administer

    Soo Young KimAI Robotics KR
  • Track 2 Analyzing must-eat places in Instagram and comparing the actual business locations through natural language processing Yeonji KimLet’s Play, Data

    A student of the Department of Statistics graduating next spring. Studying how to analyze data and visualization of data to be a data analyzer.

    Yeonji KimLet’s Play, Data
  • Track 3 AI for Everyone – The story of a meeting growing by reading theses on Deep Learning Taeseon RyuKERAS Korea

    Taeseon Ryu is running a YouTube 'Deep Learning Papers Reading Group' channel. He is the CEO of CobsLab, an artificial intelligence education and consulting company.

    Taeseon RyuKERAS Korea
  • Track 3 Is algorithm necessary in the age of artificial intelligence? SangHyun JinBaek Joon
    Online Judge

    JIN Sang-Hyeon working as an operator of BAEKJOON Quiz Community. Now a student of Computer Engineering Department in Busan. At the same time, developing Apps together with congenial friends aiming to start a business. Studying basic algorithm to improve performance and find solutions for specific problems.

    SangHyun JinBaek Joon
    Online Judge
  • Track 4 Digital Hologram (CGH): Upcoming new AI domain Dongha ShinBITDOL

    SHIN Dong-Ha, leader of BITDOL. Entered Electronic Engineering Department of Kyungpook National University in 2020 and studying digital hologram in the Optical Laboratory. Interested in graphics, parallel processing, AR/VR, etc.

    Dongha ShinBITDOL
  • Track 4 Introduction of Women Who Code Seoul Hwayoung YoonWomen Who Code Seoul

    Leader of Women Who Code Seoul community

    Hwayoung YoonWomen Who Code Seoul



    KERAS Korea

    “KERAS, fascinated by its conciseness."
    KERAS is a high-level library designed with Python for quite simple and easy use for the purpose of embodying and experimenting deep-learning ideas quickly. KERAS Korea shares news/information/inquiries related to KERAS.

  • AI Robotics KR

    AI Robotics KR

    AI Robotics KR is a community for developers and researchers interested in the future that AI robots will bring about. All researchers and developers in various areas who are interested in AI and robots are warmly invited!

  • Women Who Code Seoul

    Women Who Code Seoul

    Women Who Code Seoul is a community to help and encourage many women to act in technology fields.

  • Let’s Play, Data

    Let’s Play, Data

    ‘Let’s Play, Data’ is a festival of
    people who handle data.



    SSAFY, or Samsung SW Academy For Youth, is a group of people who have become friends through "Samsung Youth Software" and share information on job opportunities and technologies.
    This community promotes communication and sharing freely for co-prosperity. Feel free to join SSAFY and share useful information anytime!

  • Baek Joon
    Online Judge

    Baek Joon
    Online Judge

    “To Find the Fun of Solving Algorithms”
    Baek Joon Online Judge is an SSDC community to solve algorithms.
    You can find various algorithm questions among programmers as well as BOJ and share solutions.

  • The Palman Coding

    The Palman Coding

    The Palman Coding is a community created by 42 Seoul students to share development knowledge in various fields.
    If you like to share knowledge and learn, please knock on the door anytime.



    The light protrusion (BITDOL) is a meeting name of students with passion, a raw stone, which is a raw material of students with passion for S/W and H/W studies.
    Since it was established in 1993, it is known as many efforts and performance of clubs in 1993.
    We aim to grow together through academic and technical exchanges in various engineering fields.

  • Sejong Software

    Sejong Software

    This community is for Sejong University's Software Convergence College students, graduates, and students interested in software.

  • RPA Master

    RPA Master

    RPA Master is a group that creates best practices for task processing automation and expands its base through case sharing. It covers Digital Transformation, Automation, AI, and PI.

  • ssi-at


    ssi-at is a social beginner developer community that is active in Daejeon. We aim to grow together by sharing opinions and information among new social developers.



    ROKAF.DEV is a developer community from the Air Force. We are conducting various activities for communication and information sharing between developers from the Air Force, including the biennial <Jeonsan Hanmadang> conference.

  • Nanmin


    In the Nanmin community, students from Daedeok Software Meister High School gather to conduct various projects and studies, constantly strive for developer growth, and share various development-related information.

  • MJU Convergence Software

    MJU Convergence Software

    It is a community for the development of Myeongji University. Font Enter the team and form a team to form a team to address the project and proceeding the project. This community is operated to grow through self-directed learning and projects through self-directed learning and projects.



    KATUSA is a developer community that connects all KATUSA developers from U.S. Army area 1 to area 4. Our goal is to study together, share, and communicate, to make progress as a whole while serving in the Army.



    POSCO AI/BIGDATA Academy SSDC is a community of young AI and Big Data Academy graduates organized by POSCO Human Resources Creation Group. We aim to voluntarily organize what we have studied, freely share development news and information on the latest technologies, and develop them.

  • Korea Vision & Robotics

    Korea Vision & Robotics

    "Change the World by Vision", our community is a community created by people interested in Computer Vision and Robot Vision, and we are engaged in regular activities such as sharing information, reviewing papers, and conducting projects. If you are interested in ML, DL, Vision, and Robot, please participate.

  • Motion


    It is a motion that solves social problems through collaboration with various major fields with mobile technology.


LocationCommunity Meet-up Event Hall on 3F of Samsung Seocho Building
ScheduleNov. 15, 2022